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Thanks Michelle. Your readings are true to form in reliability and accuracy. I look forward to the events you predicted.


can never rate you high enough michelle. thank you so much, love chatting with you! xoxo


just had another great session with michelle. It's mostly to tuck in some of the edges of an ongoing situation that is unfolding as she predicted.


Thanks as always Michelle. Your insight is great!


She's amazing! Definitely give her a try minimum information given and picked up on the situation. Was waiting for her to pick up a certain detail and picked up on it pretty much straight away. Time goes to quick though will wait for predictions. :) xx


Great advice and it was clear that Michelle saw my situation clearly :)


spot on


Very detailed reading.great lady.


michelle is my girl xoxoxoox - for years i been going to her - bang on with connection , super talented


Love you Michelle for all your support and patience. You are beautiful and I wish you all the happiness in your life. Such a great reader nothing is better on this site I can assure you. She was right many times before.


Love mich love love love her❤️


Amazing as always. Truly helped guide me in the right direction and is always here to listen to me. xoxox


Michelle is truly a guiding light. She is so in tune with my situation and has provided so much healing and calming energy. I can't thank her enough.


Thank you for giving me the courage to end a toxic relationship even though it was the hardest thing I had to do in a long time


AMAZING. Truthful, insightful, no sugar coating... I will be contacting her again soon for another consult


Michelle love talking to you. You are so loving. You are honest and I love that you are.


SHE IS EXCELLENT she really calms down my worries she says things will improve for me this coming month but things have already started to improve..


Oh Michelle, I loved talking to you. You have a wonderful way of providing insight to my situation. You describe my situation exactly how it went down. You have a sincere honesty that helps to move forward. Thank you and I will be back.


Michelle was spot on with what she told me a year and a half ago, even though I thought she was crazy at the time. She stuck to her guns and never changed her advice or predictions and sure enough, she was right. She is AWESOME!!!! And it doesn't hurt that she is hilarious!!! Thank you Michelle.


First time getting a reading by you was very detailed and accurate thanks so much for truth and I'll be patient God bless


Straight to the point very accurate with what's going on and didn't feed off my worries. I really appreciate that. I am grateful for this reading and will be back as things progress, thank you!!


thanks for the reading, Very gifted lady, and has picked up on my issue right away.


The best read I have ever experienced. Accuracy was incredible. Detailed and so compassionate. Thank you. Xx


shes so great and nails it every time.. cant go wrong!


Her insights of an ongoing situation are as accurate as ever. This is borne by actual events happening according to her predictions


wonderful as usual michelle! thanks so much for your guidance through all this, finally paying off:) will be in touch xoxo


I love that Michelle just told me what she saw with absolutely nothing but a name and rough birth month/year of the person in question. She laid out exactly what she saw with no input from me and it was highly accurate. Said things are settling and about to go into a new period of closeness. No unicorns and rainbows, just a good sign of a period of progress coming soon. Just what I needed! I do recommend and I'll be back.


Better than excellent. Not a single thing wrong and I'm so happy and feel positive with my future happiness.


Awesome reading with Michelle! She always picks up on things very well, reassures me that everything is on the right track, and provides motherly advice and guidance as well.


Her predictions have come to pass. Again. She is a great reader, and is honest with her readings- good or bad. Gives great guidance. Just wonderful


She read for me gave me initials and what the person would look like and more details, when it happened, all the details matched exactly with her reading. SHE IS ACCURATE......


My first reading with Michelle. Me: "I want to know about my career as a freelancer and its general overview," Michelle: "I see that you have a very creative side of you, and I'm also seeing something online like a website," me: "Holy whoa, I do work in the creative division and I'm currently signing a contract with a startup that is largely online based." I think that answers enough!


I cannot believe the things that she sees.. as in, totally astonishing and what a clear view of things! She picked up everything accurately!! And what a happy outcome... I can sleep like a baby now, hehe; and have the best rest of my life.. I thank you eternally for this. I felt connected and really in tune with this reading. I definitely recommend her....!!! :)


Love this woman- she has become more like a friend to me- so caring and talented xxx


Michelle is AWESOME. I have been telling her she is crazy about stuff she told me a year ago. But she has always stood by her predictions and she was RIGHT!!! I am eating my words.

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